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What I Do

About Us: BOSS Christian Network is a coalition of entrepreneurs dedicated to putting Christ back into the marketplace.

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Our Mission:

Together we will equip, educate, and empower others to begin to create generational wealth through entrepreneurship. We help you to apply the word of God to establish or reestablish your business. Causing it to be Christ-centered and socially responsible.

Members effectively employ our 7-Stream Success System business model to their companies and promote it on our multimedia marketing platform to help them become more profitable, influential, and valuable members of their communities.

We provide the resources and relationships you need to “use well what you are given. So that even more will be given and you will have an abundance.” Matthew 25:28

We also create opportunities for you to give knowing that “your gift will return to you in full. It will be pressed down and shaken together to make room for more, but it will still run over and pour into your lap.” Luke 6:38

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How Do We Do It? BOSS provides a collection of Biblically based resources provided by experts, authors, and thought leaders around the world. We then streamline this information in the form of a digital social network, on demand e-courses; product store, blogs/vlogs, forums, webinars, live workshops, magazine publication, newsletters, and ministry launches.

helloWho Do I Serve? The BOSS Network is crafted to serve the approximately current 17.23 million American non-employer small businesses who identify themselves as Christians. They are looking to implement into their daily operations and strategies Biblically based policies, procedures, and principles specific to the current phase and goals of their business. We serve anyone who has ever:

  • looked for tools and resources to help run a more efficient and profitable business
  • wanted to connect with other Christian Entrepreneurs
  • sought daily bible based motivation and devotions
  • needed Christian personal and/or professional development opportunities
  • desired access to marketing and business operations training, experts, and resources
  • wanted to increase his/her circle of influence for the advancement of God’s Kingdom