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Execution is Paramount

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Meet Dave Anderson

Dave is president of Dave Anderson’s LearnToLead, an international sales and leadership training and consulting company.

Prior to beginning LearnToLead, Dave enjoyed an extensive and successful career in the automotive retail industry.

Dave gives 125 seminars and speeches annually and has spoken in sixteen countries. His distinct, “no-nonsense” message creates both discomfort and inspiration.

He is author of thirteen books, including Up Your Business, If You Don’t Make Waves You’ll Drown, How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK, and How to Lead by THE BOOK. His books have been translated into numerous languages and sell worldwide.

Dave authors leadership columns for three national magazines and his interviews and articles have appeared in hundreds of publications including: The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily and US News & World Report.

Dave, along with his wife Rhonda, is the co-founder of the Matthew 25:35 Foundation, whose mission is to bring food, housing, clothing, healing, and ministry to under-resourced and imprisoned people worldwide. He also serves on the board of John Maxwell’s EQUIP.

Dave enjoys the martial arts and holds a second-degree black belt in karate.

Dave’s newest book, “It’s Not Rocket Science: Four Simple Strategies for Mastering the Art of Execution” was just released on Oct 5th 2015.

It's Not Rocket Science blasts through the trends and false promises permeating the business world to help you and your company get back to basics and get things done. Why doggedly pursue the "next big thing" when the most effective drivers of growth are right under your nose? This book asserts that you've already heard, been taught, and know well the key fundamentals that spell business success, and presents a compelling, four strategy blueprint for returning your business culture and strategies to a rock solid foundation of execution excellence. Each chapter opens with The Challenge, which outlines a current condition that exists due to a departure from common sense behaviors, and tasks you with following the appropriate execution principles to get your business on the right track


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