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The Art of Securing an Angel Investor

Are you looking for a Christian Angel Investor?

"All the believers were united in heart and mind. And they felt that what they owned was not there own, so they shared everything they had." - Acts 4:32

If you have already raised money from your family and friends but still need more money to catapult your business to more growth, a Christian angel investor may be your best option. Banks are usually hesitant to lend funds to companies with little revenue and few customers. And venture capital firms usually invest in somewhat established companies with the potential for multimillion dollar revenues. But if you need between $10,000 and $1,000,000 angel investing should be seriously considered.

Finding an angel investor is a difficult but potentially very rewarding task. To find a Christian angel investor, you will probably need to put forth even greater effort.

Where to look

The primary method of finding Christian angel investors is to use your personal connections. Begin asking people in your church, Christian business associations, and other Christian meetings for referrals to potential Christian angel investors. Be sure to ask the referrer for permission to use their name before doing so in conversation with the potential investor.

Internet Resources

You can also visit www.Invstor.com to find Christian angel investors. The Invstor.com Network connects investors, entrepreneurs, job seekers, advisors, and anyone else in the startup community. When you purchase a subscription, you can access the contact information for any Invstor.com member. In particular, you can browse investors based on preferred investment amount, industry, region, and other criteria. When you find a Christian angel investor, you can contact them.

Alternatively, you can post a “Request” which allows you to broadcast a brief advertisement to a targeted group of investors. If an investor is interested in your business, they can contact you.

Helpful Hint

Finding Christian angel investors is largely a numbers game. Once you have made contact with a large number of investors, you will need to narrow them down by location, preferred industry, typical amount invested, and funding stage.

You can start visiting local chambers of commerce, trade associations, universities, business incubators, and small business development centers to get a start in the right direction. Local Christian professionals such as attorney, doctors, dentists, bankers, and accountants may be able to help you as well.

Pitching Christian Angel Investors

Unless you know the angel investor well, you will probably want to meet with them several times to get to know them better. Once you sense sufficient rapport has been established, it is time to ask them for money. Here are a few tips to increase your chances:

  1. In that meeting you must communicate your business idea effectively. It should be simple enough that your grandma could understand while also demonstrating your thorough knowledge of the business. Your business plan should be able to answer some of the questions like when and how your company will become profitable.

  2. You should also be able to note what skills you are lacking and what types of people you will need to have. If you are just starting the business, you do not need to have a large executive team already in place, but you do need to know what kind of people you will need and when.

  3. Avoid inflating your projections and ideas to the point they appear almost unbelievable. Investors many times have been successful entrepreneurs and know that linear projections never happen in the real world. You must demonstrate that you have thought of a reasonable and almost comprehensive plan to reach reasonable numbers.

  4. Remember that in the end, investors want a financial return. You must show them a clear exit strategy that allows them to make their desired return.


Remember that raising money takes time. Be patient and stay persistent. In the meantime you can be developing a prototype or generating sales for your company. Investors love to see both, and traction for your business may cause them to come to you. Just be sure to find an investor well-suited to your specific needs.

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