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Desire is Never Enough

"If you can believe it and conceive it, you can achieve it" is an often-misunderstood quote. People believe that if they repeat enough affirmations and write down their goals, the universe will magically deliver their dreams.

Consider the things in your life you’ve desired but didn’t achieve: learning a language, owning a certain automobile, writing books, learning to fly airplanes, traveling the world, starting a business and the like. Why don't people achieve what they believe and conceive? Here are several possibilities:

  1. Deficient focus. You got sidetracked by too many other "good" things and never reached your best thing.

  2. Deficient discipline. You didn’t develop the discipline necessary to reach your goals.

  3. Deficient consistency. You developed some discipline and did the right things occasionally, but not with enough consistency.

  4. Deficient talent. You moved towards your dreams, only to discover that your talent didn't match your aspirations.

  5. Fear. You feared rejection, looking foolish, or failure.

  6. You underestimated the process. It was tougher than you thought it would be so you quit.

  7. Success. You reached a mountaintop and built a retirement home there rather than look for a higher mountain.

  8. Procrastination. While you procrastinated, the opportunity passed you by. 

Without question, desire is essential for reaching greatness. But without the focus, discipline consistency, courage, tenacity, drive, urgency and talent to take you to your desired destination, your dreams can become hallucinations.

Dave-AndersonWritten By: Dave Anderson

President of LearnToLead, and author of 13 books.


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