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7 Scriptures Every Christian Entrepreneur Should Know

Having the irrefutable undisputed word of God to comfort you in times of uncertainty or to be your motivation for running your business is critical to its success. Here are a few scriptures you may want to commit to memory so you can recite them whenever needed.

Deuteronomy 8:18- This verse reminds us of two things. One the success of our business is not tied up in the hands of how many clients we have nor how much we charge for our product or service. It comes solely from God himself. So it is he who we should look to serve first not our clients/customers. Secondly it assures us that we will be successful. Because it is our success that allows the covenant to be fulfilled. So we should take confidence and the certainty.

Joshua 1:7- Even though the scripture references the instructions of Moses, we can apply it to our lives today. If we are careful to follow Jesus as he intended us to, we can ask anything from him and he will do it therefore the only outcome is for us to be successful in everything we do.

2 Timothy 1:7- Being in business for yourself causes you to do a lot of things outside of your comfort zone. Especially if you are a solopreneur, but we can take rest in the fact that God has given us power to overcome fear to approach each scary situation. He has also given us love and favor of those we serve. And self-control to stop us from avoiding the uncomfortable situations completely because we need them in order to grow our businesses.

2 Thessalonians 3:10- It's true being a business owner takes discipline. With no physical boss to answer to and generally no accountability it's easy to slack off. But keep in mind that if we don't work on our businesses we won't eat. At the very least that should motivate us to put in the necessary hours to set ourselves up for the inevitable success discussed earlier.

Luke 12: 28,31- Because running a business can be so unpredictable we sin to worry about everything. Will this client pay the invoice on time? Will I land this new contract? Will I get this new sponsor? The list goes on... But God wants us to begin to seek after him with the certainty that he knows everything we need and we'll give it to us if we only let pleasing him become our number one priority within our daily business operations.

Ephesians 3:20 We are fully equipped to do great things with our businesses. We should go after those large contracts, put on those statewide events. So what if We are a small business owners with little to no track record. Because when we do for God's glory, we can rest assure that he will activate his mighty power that lives in us and through us do infinitely more than we could ever ask for, think of, or imagine.

James 2:14- As business owners we have the incredible freedom to turn our business into our ministries. Just think of all the clients and customers we come in contact with that the Lord has put in our paths to lead to Christ. But we have to be willing to exercise this freedom and express our faith. If not we run the risk of become just another Believer who is a Christian on Sunday and a Businessperson on Monday never doing our part to advance the kingdom of God.

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Written By: Your BOSS Exec Tamara Diahann;

Founder of the BOSS Christian Network




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